Adult Art Jamming Workshop

Fall in love with art as a hobby together

It can be stressful sometime if you are trying to make this valentine's day special, but we are here to remind you that the most important thing is to spend time together.


So this February, Toddle Kids launched our ART JAMMING for you and your lover(s) to fall in love with art together.

Our art jamming is not like ordinary art jamming. We will use mixed media like adding lights, glow in the dark acrylic paint and 3D sculpture in your art piece. Let’s wow yourself and your friends with your creativity!


Inquire: Whatsapp 8490 2015 or call 2890 8312



Date & Time: Weekday Feb 7, 11, 14 7:00pm, Sun Feb 6, 13 2:30pm and 7:00pm

$560 per person including 3 hours of workshop and materials

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