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Creating your very own custom stamp and CNY red packet

This year, we are thrilled to bring an extra dose of excitement and fun to our Red Packet workshop! We invite you to embark on a journey of personalisation by creating your very own custom stamp elevate your design with an exquisite embossed gold stamp!


But that's not all – imagine taking your stamp to the next level and transforming it into a magnificent gold-plated masterpiece on your red packets. Witness the incredible metamorphosis from a simple stamp to a dazzling gold-plated treasure.


Fill your one-and-only red packets with abundant blessings, good fortune, and boundless joy to present to your loved ones during this auspicious season.



Red Packet : $498

1 A3 painting, 200 printed red packets


Red Packet, a Chop & a Gold Plated set: $780

1 A3 painting, 1 A5 drawing for the chop,

200 printed red packets and a 6cm chop

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