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The most fun and educational art and phonics online classes through play

Art and phonics classes for kids in a fun, play and exploration through Zoom meeting. Each class is tailored for each student. Our classes will be kept in small group sizes to ensure our students can have fun and learn at the same time. It is suitable for age 5-12 years old.


FOR OUR ART CLASS, our online class is different than usual regular class or other online class out there. We understand that your child is catching up with school curriculum and therefore we want our online class can help your child to study through drawing.

- Suitable for age 5 and up

- At the class, student will learn:

    - A English word or a Chinese character (chosen by you) as the base of the drawing and learn how to turn it to an art

    - drawing and soft clay techniques

- 60 min for $250

- Words to be used as a base of the drawing will be communicated with the parent prior to class to match the student's' school curriculum

FOR OUR PHONICS CLASS, our certified phonics teacher, Ms. Wylie, is grounded by her enthusiasm and passion towards education, Ms. Wylie strives to provide her students with a non-judgemental and engaging learning experience. She believes that children can reach their full potential when they learn through play and exploration. 

She developed a unique and an interactive teaching style as a certified phonics teacher. Not only does she incorporate multi-sensory activities into her lessons, but she also provides students the opportunity to practice new concepts and skills. Let your child discover the joy of phonics learning. She looks forward to seeing you soon.

- Suitable for age 3 and up

- 60 min for $240


- Maximum 2 students per session or an option of one-on-one upon request

- Needed class materials will be notifying parents at least one day in advance. For multiple classes package, material pack is provided. If needed, we also sells material packs.

- No minimum class requirement

* For our regular students, your class can be switched between Zoom class and in-person class with at least 2 days in advance notice. The classes you paid can be credited for the Zoom classes.

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